Brow Squads Cosmetic Tattoo Machine has a lightweight high-grade aluminium construction with a silk rose gold finish.  A wireless machine that also offers a cord attachment for if you need to recharge your battery.

Offering speeds up to 7300rpm, this machine offers slow speeds with gentle movements for ombre and powder effects,  maintaining its gentle vibration for higher speeds to create nano and line work.

The wireless option offering a digital speed indicator.

The needle depth is also fully adjustable from zero to 2.5mm.

Included with the Brow Squad machine is a cartridge sample kit containing:

1 Liner cartridge, 3 liner cartridge and 5 slope cartridge 

Cartridges for this machine can be found here

 PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE - $100 OFF SPECIAL! Normally $390 - only $290

Next order is due End of AUGUST

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