Brow Squad

Ultimate Brow Bundle


The Ultimate Brow Bundle for brow sculpting and waxing! This bundle includes absolutely everything you need to for perfecting your clients brows with the utmost ease.

This pack includes Brow Wax, Brow Strips, Mapping String, 50 Brow Rulers and a Mapping Pencil.

Brow Wax: For so long strip wax has been impossible when it comes to brow defining.. But not anymore! Our Brow Perfecting Brow Wax is the essential tool for brow artists across the globe!

The light-weight wax allows you to easily get close to the hair line to create the perfect shape, Ditch the hot wax and allow the brow perfecting range to become your new must-have! 

Brow Strips: Pre cut strips for our busy salons. Find them individually here 

Mapping String: 10 meters long, pre-inked and easy to use, our black mapping string will contribute to speeding up your service time.

Ruler: Create the perfect symmetry and shape with the Brow Squad Ruler! Easy to use, this sticky face ruler will contribute to speeding up your service time. This pack includes 50 rulers.

Mapping Pencil: The perfect tool for mapping out precise hair-like strokes during the pre-draw process, allowing artists to easily create flawless brows. 


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